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Our Real Estate Photography is Informative and Emotional as well

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 23. März 2013 - in: English

30 Years of Photography

For more than three decades photography is the core element Oliver M. Zielinkis’s life. In that time he shot tens of thousands of images for press and corporations.

20 Years of Retouching

To manipulate images and graphics fascinated Oliver M. Zielinski already before he founded his agency. He works with professional tools like Photoshop and Lightroom.

18 Years of Agency Experience

As an entrepreneur in the creative business Oliver M. Zielinskis knows what customers want. He speaks their language and puts then on the right track with expierience and knowlege.

Professional Equipment

“A sharp knife cuts better.” Besides experience in photography PrimePhoto uses professional photography equipment. Thus every subject is perfectly captured in the frame.

Defined Visual Style

PrimePhoto prefers to take real estate photos in an uncluttered environment. The idea is, that the viewer should develop his own emotions for a possible interior decoration.

Permanent Training

International seminars, creative online-courses and the news from the photo industry: PrimePhoto permanently absorbs new trends, checks their value and uses the best.

PrimePhoto is the photography service of Z MEDIA. Z MEDIA is a public relations agency that was founded in 1996. The owner of the agency, Oliver M. Zielinski, is also active as an experienced photographer in many fields of photography. PrimePhoto mainly concentrates on architectural and real estate photography with a special focus on interiors.

A strong real estate photo is marked by a balanced relation between information on the subject and emotional effect. On one hand sizes and shapes have to be shown. On the other it is necessary to show the spaciousness of an architectural subject in a two-dimensional medium.

PrimePhoto takes this challenge.


PrimePhoto presented on PhotographyForRealEstate

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 11. Juli 2014 - in: English

PFREPhotographyForRealEstate is the leading English language plattform on the web on real estate photography. Today U.S. real estate photographer and operator of that website Larry Lohrman has presented the services of PrimePhoto at his blog. We feel quite happy about that honor.

Our contact with Larry has already existed for quite a while. About one year ago we have published the German version of his e-book What Realtors Should Know About Photography. Since then this standard item counts as a favourite helper for entering real estate photography amongst German realtors.

In his recent mention of PrimePhoto Lohrman writes about our latest newsletter, of which he is a subscriber, too. About every quarter we publish short reports on the activities of our photo studio with this tool. Lohrman is pleased about the fact that we are amongst the active real estate photographers in Germany.

Thanks Larry. We also have some new ideas to intensify the colaboration via the ‘Big Pond’. Be excited.


Advantages with Better Real Estate Photos

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 3. Juli 2014 - in: English

High quality photographs of architecture and interior design work like a door opener. By showing the strengths of a real estate property they invite prospective buyers to focus more closely with that facility. Their first look is always centered onto the visible characteristics, figures and values are always second place. And this is why the first impression has to be excellent.

Furthermore high professional imagery is proof for a more reliable impression of the real estate service in charge. Thus you can build a solid self marketing strategy with seriousness and quality.

In four steps you can profit from PrimePhoto’s images:

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PrimePhoto Optimizes Your Real Estate Photos

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 2. Juli 2014 - in: English

PrimePhoto optimizes your real estate photosPrimePhoto refines images self-photographed by real estate services. Classic image deficiencies will be corrected. Photographs will be provided with a more professional look.

To take a photo is no big deal today. Quickly everyone may have a compact or smartphone camera ready to shoot a property. But the results are very often quite far off an impressive real estate photograph.

You can post your images to PrimePhoto to give us the chance to remove the most obvious flaws. Smartphone and compact camera are quite comfortable photo companions, but for really impressive real estate photographs under the difficult conditions in terms of lighting and image capturing they are of limited use and quality only. However in many cases even these images can be refined.

With professional tools and know-how PrimePhoto will let your images sing:

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For Realtors and Homesellers from Americas, Australia, New Zealand

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 7. Mai 2014 - in: English

For Realtors and Homesellers from Americas, Australia, New ZealandWe know that there are quite a few homesellers in rather distant locations like the Americas, Australia and New Zealand who have property to sell which is located in Europe. PrimePhoto is the right partner for assignments like this.


  1. We are located in the heart of Europe.
    Most destinations are accessible within two hours flight (and some land travel). Which is ideal in terms of cost effectiveness.
  2. We operate with professional equipment at travel size.
    Which is still fully functional. This way we can guarantee the best image quality paired with low transportation cost.
  3. We speak English.
    Thus communication with international clients will be a no-brainer.

Most of the high-tier real estate in question are located in:

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Successful book “Lighting 101″ transferred into German by us

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 25. März 2014 - in: English

Grundkurs Blitzen (Lighting 101)Using flash in real estate photography requires some basic knowledge. Recently Strobist David Hobby has published a new version of his standard work “Lighting 101″. The translation service GermanoMedia of our agency has transferred this e-book into German.

Although David’s manual mainly concentrates on the usage of flashes for headshots, it contains useful basic information even for beginners in real estate photography.

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