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My Real Estate Photography is Informative and Emotional

Hello, I am Oliver M. Zielinski, owner of my own public relations business Z MEDIA. Since I had previously been a professional photographer for the press, companies and agencies, I founded the photo studio PrimePhoto for my own business. Today PrimePhoto mainly concentrates on architecture, interior and real estate photography. My home market is Germany, but I also work worldwide.

Photography & Photodesign
Photography & Photodesign: 5 of 5
Image Editing & Retouching
Image Editing & Retouching: 5 of 5
Knowledge Transfer
Knowledge Transfer: 5 of 5
Marketing: 5 of 5
Interior Design & Home Staging
Interior Design & Home Staging: 3 of 5

A strong real estate photo is marked by a balanced relation between information on the subject and emotional effect. On one hand sizes and shapes have to be shown. On the other it is necessary to show the spaciousness of an architectural subject in a two-dimensional medium.

Primephoto works professionally

Besides experience in photography I use professional photography equipment. Thus every subject is perfectly captured in the frame. I prefer to take real estate photos in an uncluttered environment. The idea is, that the viewer should develop his own emotions for a possible interior decoration.

Permanent training is the core of my success. International seminars, creative online-courses and the news from the photo industry: I permanently absorb new trends, check their value and use the best.

Great Images of Real Estate as Marketing Support for RE Professionals

Every assignment consists of standard services and individual components. For the standards there are two photography formats, matching the desired use of the images. For every order clients will receive an individual quote.

Open spaces or tight chambers, flooded with light or artificially lightened – PrimePhoto has the right solution. In a personal talk or via e-mail we’ll find out what you need.

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