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PrimePhoto offers good value for money, as you get very good quality at reasonable rate and a service that incorporates my entire experience of more than 25 years as a marketing service provider for the real estate industry.

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Transparent rate structure for real estate photos

  1. The rate for a photo includes on-site photography and basic image editing in the studio. The minimum quantity per property is 10 images.
  2. For multiple bookings by regular customers there are discounts of up to 50%.
  3. Additional cost such as for travel and special wishes are offered and calculated individually depending on the order.

How many photos do you need?

  • Real estate up to 120 sqm (1,300 sqft) will be normally covered with 10 images.
  • Family homes and commercial space up to 200 sqm (2,200 sqft) can be presented with the about 15 images.
  • Larger estates (villa, country house, a lot of secondary) will go with around 20 shots.
  • Hotels, office complexes, industrial and commercial properties, may need more photos.

Only the actual number of images delivered will always be billed.

Which subjects will be photographed?

Depending on the property, a number indoor and outdoor shots will be produced.

Interior shots include the best viewing angle per room and possibly some nice detail shots.

The exterior shots usually represent the front view (facade) and possibly an interesting rear-, backyard-, gardenview or outlook.

And finally, on request, images of the neigborhood, nightshots and long exposures may contribute to a successful photo series.

How and when do you receive your pictures?

  • standard delivery within 48 hours after the end of shooting, shorter times possible
  • conveniently by download via a cloud service (Dropbox, Wetransfer, OneDrive), other shipping possible
  • standard size is the maximum resolution available after image processing, usually 5,000 to 6,000 pixels on the long edge, ideal for all common publication media, other pixel-precise dimensions possible

What is the rate for real estate photos?

Offcourse PrimePhoto’s images meet all 8 standards for professional real estate photos.

For apartments, single and two-family houses, retail stores, medical practices, offices and similarly sized properties, the minimum number of photos per order is 10. This can be scaled up depending on the size of the object. Also keep in mind that there may be interesting shots of the neighborhood. Night shots or long-term shots also have a special charm. For an exact price of all photos for your property, please use the form below.

This is how your rate will be calculated

images of property incl. basic image editing1, 2
per image
neighborhood-, night- and long exposures3
incl. basic image editing2
per image
additional options
extended editing4
per 10 mins
add company logo5
per order
special image sizes6
per size & order
volume discounts & surcharges
from 6th order per client and year7
10% discount
from 6th order per client and month8
50% discount
holidays / weekends
25% surcharge
express delivery within 24hrs after shoot
25% surcharge
same day delivery
50% surcharge
up to 25 km incl. Berlin City (inside S-Bahn-Ring)
up to 50 km
more than 50 km
per km

1The minimum number per order is 10 images.
2Basic image editing includes global corrections such as perspective, luminosity, color tint or sharpness.
3Additional travel may be required as these shots often need to be taken at specific days or times.
4Extended image editing includes local corrections such as object color, subject weaknesses, over- or underexposed areas or sky exchange.
5The logo must be available in the appropriate size, preferably in a lossless scalable format (*.eps, *.ai). The conversion of a logo for use in the image can be an additional part of the offer.
6You get images in requested sizes additionally to full resolution. Please, specify the exact width and height in pixels in the request form below.
7The number of finished orders will be calculated for the past 365 days. This discount applies to photos and additional options. Services not mentioned here, are excluded from the discount. Multiple discounts are not applicable.
8The number of finished orders will be calculated for the current calendar month. This discount applies to photos and additional options. Services not mentioned here, are excluded from the discount. Multiple discounts are not applicable.
9Basis of calculation is the one-way distance of the fastest route according to a route planner (for example GoogleMaps). Travel by public transport will be calculated separately.

But I also photograph for you industrial plants, shopping centers, office floors, apartment buildings, residential complexes, hotels, restaurants and similar sized properties. For this purpose, I will offer you my services based on daily rates.

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    Next steps after rate request

    1. Afterwards, you will receive a quote, in addition to the prices listed here, also any travel or other additional costs are included.
    2. If you agree with the offer, you can confirm your order on the quote. If desired you may get a checklist on how to prepare your property for professional photography in return.
    3. The property will be photographed on the agreed date.
    4. The image will be optimized on the computer and made available for you.


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