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Selecting Real Estate Photos

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 24. August 2021 - in: English

Three ways to be able to choose real estate photosSome real estate professionals obviously have a problem when it comes to selecting real estate photos for a listing. This applies to the number of images as well as to the right scenes and the image quality. They simply pour all the photographs that are somehow usable into their online exposé. Thus, they overwhelm and bore the viewer, who actually expects a detailed representation of a property, which in the first step has to convey the most important visual information for the property.

Laziness or doubts are the two most common reasons for this flood of images. This article shows  how to make the selection and how to do it efficiently. Read on …


A Camera Test for Real Estate Photography Has to Answer these Questions

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 4. August 2021 - in: English

A Camera Test for Real Estate Photography Has to Answer these Questions If you are looking for a new camera, you will definitely study one or the other camera test on the Internet. Or you can go to the electronics store and get advice. Or you ask the specialist salesperson in a dedicated photo store. Last option: You ask a friend with photo experience. In my photography workshops for real estate professionals, I sometimes hear incredible stories about how my attendees got their cameras.

It is so sad, that in most cases the optimal equipment is not recommended. Because very few tipsters have an idea of the special requirements for the exotic real estate photography sector. They don’t see the following dilemma: Real estate professionals are not photography experts, but they still need equipment that is adapted to their needs and the harsh shooting conditions in order to produce strong real estate photos.

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Useful Smartphone Apps for Real Estate Photos

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 17. Mai 2020 - in: English

Smartphone App for Real Estate Photos

Even though I keep preaching that poorer real estate photos are made with a mobile device for purely technical reasons, there will be at least one or two smartphone apps that may still be useful.

This article is primarily about looking for important functions that normal operating system apps do not offer. There are also little helpers that make life a little easier for photographers.

I take into account the two major operating systems iOS and Android. To what extent these applications may also run on older phones and operating systems is of course difficult to say. Everyone has to try their luck here. In addition, some smartphone apps are also available in a tablet-compatible version.


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Vertical Correction of Real Estate Photos in Editing

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 16. September 2019 - in: English

Vertical Correction of Real Estate Photos

Many real estate photos with crooked lines can be found on the Internet. I would prefer to instantly align them vertically, because the bricklayers probably built the house with an accurate spirit level. And you should be able to see that, too. Photos of buildings with vertical correction are simply more pleasant to look at.

This article shows how you can use almost any graphics program to align real estate photos vertically. I recommend the so-called central axis principle for exact alignment. For demonstration I use the professional software Adobe Photoshop, but the principle can also be followed with other modern programs. Then the keyboard shortcuts may be different.

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Testing Inexpansive Photo Backpack Inateck

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 25. April 2019 - in: English

Testing Inexpansive Photo Backpack InateckYeah, I know: „Buy nice or you buy twice.“, „Quality has its price.“, „For professional results you need professional tools.“ and „Bold equipment creates a bold image.“

Neglecting the wisdom, I recently looked for a photo backpack that can do a lot without forcing me to rob a bank.

So far, I use the really great large shoulder bag Jackpack 9000 by photo bag taylor Crumpler for my medium-sized photo projects and also for my workshop trips. On the functional side I am very satisfied with it. Only my orthopedist advises me after some shoulder discomfort, strictly to stop carrying around the awsome Jackpack fully loaded (at least 27 lbs).

So I’m looking for a photo backpack, which distributes the load on my body much better. What quickly turns out: Amongst the bags from known manufacturers, I either find limited functionality or loose a small fortune. In the cheap Amazon shelf, I then find a suitable supposed to be no-name backpack and order it. This is a first test / review.

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