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Tutorial: Swap the Sky in Real Estate Photos

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 12. April 2018 - in: English

Tutorial: Swap the Sky in Real Estate PhotosWhenever it comes to image editing during my real estate photo workshops, one of the participants always raises the question of how to swap the sky quickly. Finally, objects displayed in bright weather would sell better. This is understandable, especially since we feel warmth and light as pleasant and therefore a new living environment or a new investment in the sunshine looks more beautiful.

Photoshop Helps Perfect with Compositing

Conducting such a project is fairly easy with current software products. In technical jargon this blending of different image elements is called „compositing“. If you know, for example, three tools in Photoshop (layers, layer style color range, masks), this is also a fast procedure. Many real estate professionals also believe that their existing software can do so at the touch of a button. However …

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So easy: Remove People and Moving Objects in your Real Estate Photos

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 16. Februar 2018 - in: English

Remove People and Moving Objects in your Real Estate PhotosIf you want to photograph the exterior of a property in a busy place, people will inevitably run into the picture. Rolling or floating vehicles are also part of the frame. That brings two problems.

  1. These objects may work against your intended static image statement (for example, „Facade of house xy“).
  2. The rights of privacy of people in the picture might be infringed.

You could stamp out these troublemakers piece by piece in post-production. But there is a much simplier solution on hand already while exposing the image. Earlier this month, I attended an architectural photography workshop in Venice and revived the old technique of long exposure under harsh conditions. Read here, how it works.
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Do Real Estate Photos need HDR?

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 31. Januar 2018 - in: English

Do Real Estate Photos need HDR?The success of real estate photos depends on showing details. Bright window light or shadows often ruin them. HDR can help here.

What is HDR?

The abbreviation HDR is familiar to most non-photographers from their smart phone. The photo app of modern devices has an HDR option, with which can make these details a little more visible within certain limits. HDR is the abbreviation of the technical term „High Dynamic Range“. The HDR method is also found under the name „Dynamic Range Increase“ (DRI). The dynamic range describes the light zones of an image between light and dark, in which details are visible.

Even modern UHD televisions with OLED technology (or QLED at Samsung) advertise with new high dynamic range vision.

Without HDR there is the following dilemma: If it is too light (almost white) or too dark (almost black), it becomes hard to recognize any details. For real estate photos, this is often the case: outdoor facilities shine in daylight, and indoors there are deep shadows.

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Important Accessory: Remote Control for Real Estate Photos

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 25. Januar 2018 - in: English

Fernauslöser für Immobilienfotos

A blurry image is a no-go for every real estate photo. Anyone who seriously takes photos of real estate should therefore use a remote control. In low light situations, like often found indoors, long time exposures are needed. To create clear images, the camera must always stand absolutely still when released. Even touching the release button by hand causes unwanted camera shake that can ruin a photo. Therefore, it makes sense to trigger the camera contact-free, even if it sits on a tripod.

Depending on the camera type, there are different accessories that help to create an image without touching the camera when shooting. With these little helpers, you can achieve a stunning improvement in image quality for a small price.

At the end of this post you will find some product recommendations for real estate photography.

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Which Camera to Buy for Real Estate Photos?

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 24. Januar 2017 - in: English

Which Camera to Buy for Real Estate Photos?In this article real estate professionals will learn about key features when it comes to buy a camera, and they’ll get some recommendation for matching camera models for real estate photography purposes.

Realtors who shoot their own photos are faced with the challenge of finding the right camera for this task. The market overview is unclear, manufacturers do not confess any weakness in their advertising promises (what else? ;-) ), and there is a constant stream of new cameras with new functions.

In addition to this the equipment should be portable and powerful at the same time.

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