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Dangerous Superficial Knowledge in Real Estate Photography

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 18. August 2022 - in: English

Dangerous Superficial Knowledge in Real Estate PhotographyMore than 10 years ago, for most photo amateurs photography was limited to special occasions, but today it accompanies us in all parts of our lives. Thanks to the rapid development of smartphones and the resulting images. Pretty much everyone carries such a small wonder flounder in their pocket or handbag. And many make diligent use of the built-in photo app because it seems fun to capture dinner, puppies playing, the view out of the hotel room window or a pop concert and at the same time share this experience with the whole world. Not even dangerous superficial knowledge plays a role – and picture quality certainly doesn’t, too.
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Zoom lens or Prime Lens for real estate photos?

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 27. Juli 2022 - in: English

Zoom lens or Prime Lens for real estate photos?For many years, zoom lenses in the lower price segment were considered tourist stuff. Dad went on vacation with his new SLR camera and two zoom lenses and was able to easily capture all the family’s holiday scenes on film or slides. This worked reasonably well as long as the photos weren’t substantially enlarged. Otherwise the weaknesses of these inexpensive lenses became noticeable. The question of zoom lens or prime lens did not come up for professionals. For near distance images they photographed almost exclusively with prime lenses, only for distant scenes they chose – mostly for cost and weight reasons – professional zooms.
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Showing Bad Real Estate Photos?

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 23. Mai 2022 - in: English

Showing Bad Real Estate Photos?You might think that pros only shoot great photos and never miss their subject. But you are wrong about that. Because bad real estate photos are simply not shown.

The truth is, I don’t always score straight away either, but the world doesn’t see those misses. (Okay, of course, my error rate is significantly lower than is the case with casual photographers.)

There are subject matters where the perfect photo succeeds instantly. And there are scenes that drive you nuts. It sometimes happens that I return from a photo shoot with 30 shots and only 15 make it into the final. Read on …


Photographing Real Estate correctly or Photoshopping?

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 25. April 2022 - in: English

Photographing real estate correctly or photoshopping?

We have really good image editing programs at hand these days, but you still hear the hint that we should be photographing real estate correctly in-camera. That sounds pedantic, or know-it-all, or even old-fashioned. But there is still something to this tip. Or?

I’m a purist in many ways. I love it when my photos look realistic and at the same time I want to minimize post-processing time. This simply leaves more time for more business.

It will not be any different for real estate professionals who take their own photos. For many of them, image editing is more of a burden than a pleasure, so they certainly have better things to do with the time spent on it. When they hear the phrase, „You should photograph real estate correctly,“ some of them feel peeved because they think photo editing software is a comfortable way to give their photos the look they want.

Honestly, all of my real estate photos are edited, even though I took them beforehand according to all the rules of photographic craftsmanship.

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7 Deadly Sins in Real Estate Photography

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 24. März 2022 - in: English

 7 Deadly Sins in Real Estate Photography

There is an endless amount of bad real estate photos. A random look at any of the common real estate portals is sufficient. *sarkasmmode_on* The only advantage: These few offers with strong photos are immediately noticeable. If these are yours: „Congratulations!“ *sarkasmmode_off* But why are many beautiful properties so badly illustrated? Digital photography is to blame. And these easy-to-use photo tools that almost everyone carries around in their pocket these days. They tempt you to take snaps instead of taking photos. They are used almost thoughtlessly, and in the photographic process several deadly sins are committed at the same time.

What do we want to achieve with real estate photos? We want to convince the viewer, we want to invite him to take a closer look at the property, we want to arouse interest. For this we need a „pleasant viewing experience“. And that, in turn, only succeeds if the photos meet basic standards.

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