PrimePhoto Retouches Your Real Estate Photos

PrimePhoto optimizes your real estate photosPrimePhoto refines images self-photographed by real estate services. Classic image deficiencies will be corrected. .

  • Always existing optical flaws of the camera will be removed.
  • The image will be straightened and its perspective will be corrected.
  • Important details in dark and light areas will be revealed.
  • The general toning will be set to a pleasing neutral-warm value.
  • The overall image sharpness will bei optimized.

You can send-in your images via e-mail. Your photographs will be treated with professional tools and my long-standing knowhow. Afterwards they will work like a catalyst for your sales.

Price List Image Retouching

Optimizing more than 10 photos
EUR 6.82 per photo incl. 16% VAT | EUR 5.88 net
Optimizing more than 3 photos
EUR 8.77 per photo incl. 16% VAT | EUR 7.56 net
Optimizing 1 photo
EUR 11.96 per photo incl. 16% VAT | EUR 10.08 net
Individual retouching
On request

Service Description

Basic editing
• global correction of optical flaws
• global correction of exposure
• global correction of white balance
• global correction of sharpness
Image supply via download
Image size maximum resolution
Extended editing
• local color correction
On request
• manual retouching of image flaws (spot removal, correction of contents)
On request
• lokale Korrektur von über- oder unterbelichteten Bereichen
On request
• composites, panoramas, HDRs
On request
More image sizes
On request
Shipping images on data medium
On request

Payment and Delivery

Payment options
Cash in advance
5 % discount on photo formats or image editing
Payment within 2 weeks
On account
Delivery options
Download standard (from 3 workdays after photo date)
0,00 EUR
Download express or shipping on data medium
On request
as of 07 / 2020, conditions may change any time

Small Print but still important

Our chances will be limited, if the posted imagery does not meet some basic requirements. That’s why we recommend to keep these facts in mind:

  • Don’t post images downloaded from the web.
  • Please, please – do not edit the images. It would be best if you sent the images as they come right out of your camera.
  • When shooting, please, do not place any important details at the edges of an image, because this space may be crucial for correcting the photograph.

If there is any doubt that an image could be successfully optimized, you will be notified in advance.

Some Before-After-Examples


Bedroom – lighting, perspective and colors corrected

Guest room – lighting, perspective, lens distortion and colors corrected


Image upload

Please, send your images separately as e-mail attachment to

Payment and Delivery Options

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