Top Hotel Photos are the most Important Advertising Medium

More than 80 percent of all hotel guests worldwide book their rooms on the Internet. Hotel photos are always the first thing a potential guest gets to see. And the first impression must always be the best.

Large hotel chains operate with big budgets and usually show professional images. In contrast, many smaller and private hotels fall behind, because their photos can not compete, although they operate very beautiful houses.

That does not have to be. Excellent hotel photos can also be produced very well with a manageable budget.

PrimePhoto photographs hotels and their facilities quickly and highly professionally. PrimePhoto has been active in the photo business for over 30 years and is one of the well-known providers in the field of interior photography in German-speaking countries.

Which Hotel Photos need to be Taken for an Excellent Presentation?

There are three different groups of shots for hotels:

  • Rooms of various categories and sizes each with bath / WC / washstand / shower and special equipment
  • public areas (outdoor area, lobby, restaurant / bar / breakfast room, conference room / ballroom / seminar room, fitness / spa)
  • Value-added services (bike rental, hotel shuttle, child care, shopping, tourist information, etc.)

How much Do Hotel Photos Cost?

With PrimePhoto you have the choice between two packages:

  • Already the small 10-image ONLINE package for on-line advertisement is available for 290 EUR gross (including travel in Berlin and peripheral).
  • The higher-quality CLASSIC package, also for use in print is already available for 464 EUR (including travel in Berlin and the peripheral).
  • The single  price for each additional photo is over 20% less.

Select from two image formats



Package rate for 10 shots per property
EUR 290.00 incl. 16 % VAT (EUR 250 net)
EUR 464.00 incl. 16 % VAT (EUR 400 net)
Image rate for any additional shot
EUR 22.91 incl. 16 % VAT (EUR 19.75 net)
EUR 36.95 incl. 16 % VAT (EUR 31.85 net)
Professional Photography
Basic editing
• global correction of optical flaws
• global correction of exposure
• global correction of sharpness
Image supply via download
Image size
• internet (up to 1280 px on the long edge)
• maximum (up to 6000 px on the long edge)
Simple corrections of the scene before shooting
Usage of additional photo light where appropriate
Extended editing
• manual color correction
• manual retouching of image flaws
• correction of over- or underexposed areas in the image
More image sizes (on request)
Shipping images on data medium (on request)
Specific composits and retouches, like
- adding / removing objects,
- swopping skies,
- color changes of single objects
are not part of these packages and will be charged separately
Reduction for frequent customers from their 9th order in one month
- 50%
- 50%
Express surcharge for image delivery within 24 hours after photo shoot (on request)
+ 25%
+ 25%
as of 07 / 2020, conditions may change any time


Possibly travel costs will apply. In any case, you will receive an individual cost estimate from me, on which you can confirm your order.

What to Take Care of when Preparing a Hotel Shoot?

Order and cleanliness are most important. These are the areas to be photographed are subjected to a thorough cleaning. Also, the windows are to be cleaned and all lamps must have working lights.

In addition for the outdoors,  attention should be paid to:

  • no vehicles (own cars may be acceptable, but must correspond to the standard of the hotel)
  • maintained outdoor areas (flower beds planted and raked, paths swept, mowed lawn, etc.)
  • all windows are uniformly closed, all shutters open
  • neon sign completely intact

For example, in the  lobby  /  front desk  , the following is important:

  • meticulously tidied front desk, work surfaces and tables
  • aligned seating, chairs, cushions
  • curtains straightened
  • no external advertising (advertising displays from tourist providers)
  • employees in hotel clothes and with very cultivated appearance

The  hotel rooms  are often prepared very well by the room service crew, but the following pitfalls must be eliminated, for example:

  • beds / sheets / pillows absolutely wrinkle-free
  • hide or remove electric cables and suppliers
  • clean chrome taps, stainless steel elements without fingerprints
  • new roll of toilet paper, new pack of paper towels

People on Hotel Photos

If  hotel photos should be shot with identifiable people, then a so-called model release is obligatory. This is a short contract between the photographer and the person photographed, which in particular determines of what kind these photographs are and how they shall be used as well as other framework conditions. If needed, I bring a contract along to the photo session.


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