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New Camera Nikon D750 – Eligible for Real Estate Photography

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 21. September 2014 - in: English

Nikon D750Just in time with this year’s Photokina Nikon has announced its new camera D750. Finally this gear combines features real estate photographers have been waiting for. What are the camera’s advantages for architectural photography?

We have examined the main new features of the Nikon D750Nikon D750 which are important for our photography genre and have commented the results in this article.

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Is good Photo Gear really important for Real Estate Photos?

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 18. September 2014 - in: English

Is good photo gear important?The equipment of  a photographer is always of importance. Unreflected statements of some photo artists say, that gear can be neglected and that it is all about the brain behind the camera. But this is just self-pr and mostly serves for their personal image as creators of culture.

This statement is true only until it comes to choosing the appropriate tools. How important a good photo equipment is, always depends on the photography genre you are heading for. In the following we have associated the requirements of a few different photography styles with nessecary equipment features.

Interesting are the results for real estate  photography in the end …

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Meeting Fstoppers in Berlin, Germany

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 10. September 2014 - in: English

Fstoppers in BerlinYesterday I had an appointment of a different kind: Lee Morris and Patrick Hall, the masterminds behind Fstoppers, one of the world’s leading on-line platforms on photography came to Berlin. On their way to this year’s Photokina in Cologne they are on a road-trip throughout Europe and stopped over here in the German Capital. So, I took the chance for meeting Fstoppers in person.

The very close collaboration between this online portal with Mike Kelley, one of the most sought-after real estate and architectural photographers of the moment, is particularly interesting for real estate photographers – and Lee Morris immediately approached me about it. Thanks to the meticulous way of taking photos and the creative use of light, Kelley’s properties are presented in an incredibly attractive way.

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PrimePhoto presented on PhotographyForRealEstate

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 11. Juli 2014 - in: English

PFREPhotographyForRealEstate is the leading English language plattform on the web on real estate photography. Today U.S. real estate photographer and operator of that website Larry Lohrman has presented the services of PrimePhoto at his blog. We feel quite happy about that honor.

Our contact with Larry has already existed for quite a while. About one year ago we have published the German version of his e-book What Realtors Should Know About Photography. Since then this standard item counts as a favourite helper for entering real estate photography amongst German realtors.

In his recent mention of PrimePhoto Lohrman writes about our latest newsletter, of which he is a subscriber, too. About every quarter we publish short reports on the activities of our photo studio with this tool. Lohrman is pleased about the fact that we are amongst the active real estate photographers in Germany.

Thanks Larry. We also have some new ideas to intensify the colaboration via the ‚Big Pond‘. Be excited.


For worldwide Realtors and Homesellers with Properties in Europe

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 7. Mai 2014 - in: English

For worldwide Realtors and Homesellers in EuropeI know that there are quite a few homesellers in rather distant locations like the Americas, Australia and New Zealand who have property to sell which is located in Europe. PrimePhoto is the right partner for assignments like this.


  1. We are located in the heart of Europe.
    As a result most destinations are accessible within two hours flight (and some land travel). And this is ideal in terms of cost effectiveness.
  2. We operate with professional equipment at travel size.
    Which is still fully functional. Therefore we can guarantee the best image quality paired with high flexibility.
  3. We speak English.
    In other words, communication with international clients will be a no-brainer.

We serve Homesellers in Europe Worldwide 

Most of the high-tier real estate in question are located in:

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