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Photographed: Luxury Villa on Tenerife Island

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 8. Dezember 2016 - in: English

Luxusvilla auf TeneriffaThe assignment to shoot this luxury villa on Tenerife Island comes unexpectedly – as usual. In early November I get a call from Spain. The very kind owner had visited my on-line presentations and asks if I could photograph her property on this Canary Island. She briefly describes this estate and it is immediately clear that a very attracitve assignment is waiting for me.


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Analysis: Usage of Real Estate Photos in On-line Listings

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 20. Juli 2016 - in: English

Analysis: Usage of Real Estate Photos in On-line ListingsFinally new figures. Already one year ago I did an analysis on how well prospective buyers can inform themselves visually about properties on the internet. But the result was devastating: Barely 10 per cent of the offers contained acceptable real estate photographs. 320 ads on Germany’s leading real estate sales portal Immobilienscout24 where used for this analysis, limited to my home market Berlin at a purchase price of EUR 750,000+, rental appartment houses excluded. Certainly, in this high-end segment I had expected significantly better results.

Now, exactly 12 months later, I investigated this market again. There were 313 properties on offer in this range – ie virtually unchanged in comparison to the year before. The most expansive property was offered for almost EUR 13 million. The following development was observed:
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10 Tips for Really Bad Real Estate Images

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 1. Juni 2016 - in: English

10 Tips for Truly Bad Real Estate ImagesIt is so easy to create really bad real estate images. With these tips, you are guaranteed to make ugly shots of your properties.

Some real estate professionals consider good pictures of their houses and apartments to be overrated. They cost money, time and space. Or as an agent told me recently, „People should not stare at nice pictures – they should sign a contract!“ Unfortunately, it seems to be essential, even if unneeded, that some photography has to go with any property discription. In order to take bad real estate images cheaply and quickly in the future, I will give you these 10 tips.

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Advantages of Daylight Saving Time for Real Estate Photography

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 30. März 2015 - in: English

Advantages of Daylight Saving Time for Real Estate PhotographyPhotography needs light. But too much light or the wrong kind of light may damage a strong real estate photograph. Luckily there is daylight saving time.

As questionable the time shift may be, as benefitial it is to the work of real estate photographers. This is because of the quality of light and ofcourse of the preferenced shooting times for real estate photography during a day.

The best exterior photographs are taken when the sun is close to the horizon, that means in the early morning or evening during the Golden Hour. This is about one hour after sunrise or before sunset. Then the light is warmer and there are less hard shadows caused by harsh light from above (like during noon sunshine).

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Real Estate Photos Do Not Only Serve Sales‘ Success

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 26. Januar 2015 - in: English

Real Estate Photos Do Not Only Serve Sales' SuccessIn the course of the last weeks real estate agents and photographers who are active in powerful overseas‘ real estate markets had intensive discussions on if and how professional real estate photography does support the sales‘ process. I have pointed at the importance of powerful photos for sales multiple times at this website. Properties sell more expansive and faster when presented professionally.

But there is a more important reason for professional photography. Renowned architectural photographer Scott Hargis says, that professional images will rather help to sell the next one, the one after next and many more properties of a single agent.

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