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Taking Detail Photos of Real Estate Correctly

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 28. Februar 2022 - in: English

Taking Detail Photos of Real Estate Correctly

Many real estate professionals take photos of properties very schematically: Camera held at an angle into the room – click. Camera held straight in the room – click. Likewise they shoot the next room. Such a monotonous series of images causes a loss of tension with each additional image because the viewer’s attention drops.

There are various photographic tricks to maintain the required suspense.

The simplest: Insert specific detail photos. As a result, you achieve three goals in one go:

  • the monotony will lifted,
  • important information will be conveyed and
  • the property will be presented with surprising views.

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Photograph real estate yourself or hire a photo professional?

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 7. Februar 2022 - in: English

Photographing real estate yourself or hire professionals?Every now and then I am asked whether I still photograph real estate myself or whether only give photo workshops for real estate agents meanwhile. Don’t worry, I will of course continue to take photos. Because without this treasure of experience, I would not be a good teacher for my workshop series, which is now well-known throughout Europe. (Spoiler: You can find a detailed answer to this question at the end of this post.)

Can Brokers save money if they photograph real estate themselves?

Of course, real estate agents ask themselves this same question again and again. The answer is quite ambivalent: „It depends“.

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Is Editing Real Estate Photos required?

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 31. Januar 2022 - in: English

Muss man Immobilienfotos bearbeiten?

Many real estate professionals ask themselves this question. Most people understand editing real estate photos as brightening up their photo a little, putting a color filter on it and sharpening the picture if necessary. Ambitious brokers like to swap out the sky or move furniture and trees.

Editing real estate photos – the reasons

When I’m shooting real estate images on set, I always try to take the best photo quality possible. This significantly reduces the steps required when editing real estate photos and saves a great deal of time.

But to answer the question in the title: „Yes. I edit all my real estate photos.“

But I’d like to stress, that it is important to weight the image processing according to different criteria, because the deficits in real estate photos have different reasons:

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Four Reasons – Always Use a Tripod for Real Estate Photos

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 26. Januar 2022 - in: English

Four Reasons - Always Use a Tripod for Real Estate PhotosOf course, any mobile photographer would like to travel with light and small luggage. Those who take photos of real estate, often change their location and therefore have the same desire. Nevertheless, there are some good reasons why you should use a tripod when photographing.

Real estate photos have to meet some quality requirements, which cannot be easily achieved due to special shooting conditions. Nevertheless, we want the sharpest possible pictures. And they should be in focus from front to back and also have a detailed and clean image style. All three exposure factors – aperture, exposure time and ISO – value play an important role here, but make life rather difficult for freehand photographers without a tripod. The main reason is, that we often have poor light when shooting indoors.

In addition, a sturdy and repeatable camera position is invaluable. A tripod can almost always be placed freely in the room. It thus enables an ideal camera setup from which you can repeat images immediately if necessary.

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RAW Format can Save Real Estate Photos

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 20. Januar 2022 - in: English

Real estate photos are very often taken under poor shooting conditions: low light, high contrasts and small space to shoot. Image quality suffers under these circumstances. A good help can be the use of the so-called RAW format. This is a special file format provided by many modern cameras. However, it is not available in automatic photo mode.

RAW files have great advantages you have to handle difficult lighting conditions in real estate photos. In particular, with RAW the photographer can deal with high contrasts with comparatively dark interiors and the shining light outside behind windows.

Or: In the present example, details in the cloud structure or the tree details in front of the bright sky as well as the depth in the image can be brought back with the RAW format. A RAW file often contains more image information than can be seen at first glance. This makes it a real alternative to the usual JPG file format.

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