Real Estate Photos Do Not Only Serve Sales‘ Success

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 26. Januar 2015 - in: English

Real Estate Photos Do Not Only Serve Sales' SuccessIn the course of the last weeks real estate agents and photographers who are active in powerful overseas‘ real estate markets had intensive discussions on if and how professional real estate photography does support the sales‘ process. I have pointed at the importance of powerful photos for sales multiple times at this website. Properties sell more expansive and faster when presented professionally.

But there is a more important reason for professional photography. Renowned architectural photographer Scott Hargis says, that professional images will rather help to sell the next one, the one after next and many more properties of a single agent.

Investment into the Future

Professional imagery of exteriors and interiors has an important position in the marketing toolbox of any real estate agent. They approach to several participants of the value chain like buyers, sellers, service providers, financial partners. An agent who presents a property with higher-end images shows that he or she:

  • takes his / her clientele seriously
  • emphasizes on quality and
  • acts professionally to a vast extent.

Thus really powerful photos are a pre-condition for sales as well as

  • a well-groomed appearance,
  • acting politely in front of a client,
  • thoroughly designed property descriptions,
  • a tidy office space or
  • a clean business car.

If only one of these elements fails, any trust into the agent shrinks by half. Doubts occur, followed by the instant change towards the next best competitor with better presentation skills – due to internet technology in most cases they never return.

Besides the purpose of selling a promoted property, excellent images serve as an investment into the future. In the end it is about to develop an own style, to distinguish from the competition, to underline the own competences and to build a brand.

Where is the Problem?

Unfortunately most agents only look at their profit of a current transaction. But marketing is to some extent always an investment which is not quantifiable straightaway. It may contain some lack of clarity. Or do agents know straightaway what effect their new business outfit would have on their next sale? They don’t, for sure. But it is clear that a solid appearance of an agent serves his reputation very well and is a helpful component in the sale’s process.

With photography it is exactly the same. Lousy pictures from an mobile phone or a compact camera of a photographically unexperienced agent work as if he would sell off properties in jeans and tee shirt.

90 per cent of the Agents Miss this Sales Chance

Scott Hargis knows figures that only 10 per cent of the agents are consistently building their brand (also by using professional photography) and are subsequently successful. And we can confirm these numbers for the German market as well. Last summer our analysis showed that about 90 per cent of real estate offers from EUR 750,000 in the Berlin area were presented with badly taken or retouched images. There were even offers without any photographs. These agents give away a lot of potential. More on our analysis you can find here (in German).

The Customers‘ View Has Changed Drastically

Until recently the majority of the audience may have tolerated carelessly shot photographs. They didn’t know better because they were mostly offered visual average quality. But as more advanced presentation technologies unfold (HDTV, Blueray, 4K) with images rich in detail, contrast and with best lighting, expectations are rising. Or does any agent really believe that he can score with unsharp, noisy and badly exposed snapshots that the potential client views on the high resolution screen of his new smart device?

It is common practice in the real estate business to follow certain standards. Finally it is always about big money. That is why a presentation  also has to contain imagery that attracts the eye. Who cannot produce these professional photographs needs help – there are chances to learn this arts or to book a professional photographer. We offer both: workshops and real estate photography.