Advantages of Daylight Saving Time for Real Estate Photography

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 30. März 2015 - in: English

Advantages of Daylight Saving Time for Real Estate PhotographyPhotography needs light. But too much light or the wrong kind of light may damage a strong real estate photograph. Luckily there is daylight saving time.

As questionable the time shift may be, as benefitial it is to the work of real estate photographers. This is because of the quality of light and ofcourse of the preferenced shooting times for real estate photography during a day.

The best exterior photographs are taken when the sun is close to the horizon, that means in the early morning or evening during the Golden Hour. This is about one hour after sunrise or before sunset. Then the light is warmer and there are less hard shadows caused by harsh light from above (like during noon sunshine).

Also for interior images the less bright light at the start or the end of a day is advantageous, because the brightness difference between ambient light and lit windows from outside is not that huge. Balancing this with photographic means is much easier though.

Clock Settings of Daylight Saving Time

But even the different settings of the clock are of advantage for the planning of a shoot.

After the change to daylight saving time sunrise starts one hour late. That means that you don’t have to get up that early for good photos in midsummer. :-) In the evenings you can use the light longer. Thus you can shoot the exterior later, when wheather and winds calm down, which is good for plants and textiles.

The return to normal time in fall means that the photographic day does not start too late and ends earlier. Thus enough time will be left to retouch images the same day on the computer.

No matter how you look at it – it is important that you must not pressure yourself and make the best out of it. All the grumbling doesn’t help.

Think positive.