What do Realtors Value when it comes to Real Estate Photos?

Oliver M. Zielinski Oliver M. Zielinski - 2. November 2020 - in: English

Actually, real estate sellers don’t want to deal with special marketing tasks. This also includes photography (unless you are a photo enthusiast). That’s why I professionally take over this part of the sales work for the brokers. But what value do they assign to real estate photography?

Experience shows: There are three main things that interest a real estate agent in my photos:

  • Cost,
  • Service,
  • Quality.

But what of these is most important to them?

Rate – Value – Cost

NO ONE wants to pay too much. And: If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

My rates are serious. Dumping prices do not fit PrimePhoto’s quality philosophy. On the other hand, with excessive rates I wouldn’t be competitive on the market.

I follow a very simple calculation matrix: after my on-site assignment, I spend about the same amount of time again on image processing, shipping preparation and all administrative activities. Special requests as well as travel and additional expenses are always charged separately.

I’ve been this transparent since the start of PrimePhoto in 2002 and I’ve always done well with it.

In addition, my customers benefit from performance advantages:

  • A discount scheme, according to which an attractive loyalty discount is applied from a certain number of orders in a certain period of time, is very popular with regular customers.
  • In addition, price-sensitive customers can take advantage of a considerable discount if they pay in advance.

Service – Value – Relief

EVERYONE expects good availability, little personal effort and well thought-out products.

Fast response times are my priority. That starts with the inquiry: This can be done quite calmly by e-mail via this website, even by fax and of course also on the phone. I only need a few data and will prepare a quote as soon as possible. In this coordination process, the date for the photo shoot can also be clarified.

All I really need on site is a key and free access. I leave an object as I found it.

I deliver the image data in the highest available size and alternatively equally suitable for the most common applications. On offer, there are different time windows for the delivery of the data . Express processing is also possible by arrangement – with the same quality, of course. There is an additional charge for this.

Quality – Value – Performance

I set a high standard of quality.

Many years of experience are of course reflected in the quality of my images. But it also happens that I extend a photo session because I’m not quite satisfied with the result. The same applies, of course, to the subsequent processing of the images. This does not change the agreed price for the same service. A photo will only be presented to the client if it meets my requirements.


But one thing is interesting: Clients who first contact me ask in exactly the order listed: first the cost and then the effort required on their side. After that comes the quality. This is understandable, but sometimes sounds a bit strange to creative service providers – after all, it is just the quality of photos that is decisive for sales success and thus represents an important added value.

But: I’ve been in the agency business for more than two decades and I’m used to this behavior pattern. As soon as the ice is broken and customers are convinced of my performance, we talk to each other first about qualities and later about quantities, the service is known and the rate structure as well.

With this in mind: Test my service and become a new customer – maybe this is a good reason to start with more success into the future. And if you already know me, I’m already looking forward to the next follow-up order.

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